the fierce unicorns story

Hello friends, we're Fierce Unicorns: A small business, POC-queer-owned business in Kansas City, Missouri. Our family was hit hard by a job loss early in the pandemic. was born from necessity, but weirdly enough feels like what we were always meant to do.

Since we went live, we've received such an outpouring of support and love, and our customers have loved being able to express their individuality through the new accessory of the season: face masks.

We are horrified at the lack of caution being exercised in our community and around the world, when the simple act of stopping your breath from spreading airborne droplets could have shortened the global pandemic we see today.



Co-founder  •  he/him

Gyo, originally from Mexico, is the master of the sewing side of the business. He also helps choose fabric designs and was the main innovator in developing the mask patterns and perfecting the manufacturing techniques required to turn out so many masks.

Gyo has an eye for fashion and style. He tailors most of his pants to fit him perfectly, and has sewn everything from a formal vest to a wedding dress.

When not sewing masks or stopping Paul from spending thousands of dollars on fabrics, he enjoys taking care of their nine chinchillas, four degus (small rodents), guinea pig, and bunny. His favorite flower is the dandelion, his favorite color is blue.



Co-founder  •  he/him

Paul is the graphic designer of the family. He created and branded, and does a lot of the curation of designs and color combinations. He's the one writing the marketing emails and taking photos of the products, and packaging up your order, so if you got a few extra stickers one time, it was him. 

Paul, when not operating, does freelance graphic design work for sometimes money and is about to go back to school to finish up his bachelor's degree in graphic design.

When not working on the website, fulfilling orders, and buying too much fabric for too much money, Paul enjoys eating spicy foods, playing video games, and taking on too much work for one person.