frequently asked questions

That's a lie. None of these questions have been answered–yet, and we're trying to get through the gate with as much info as you could possibly need. If that doesn't cut it, email us at


where do you live?

Fierce Unicorns is based in Kansas City, MO. 

Does a mask prevent me from catching COVID-19?

We do not make any medical claims about our products. However, the Mayo Clinic website says that "asking everyone to wear cloth masks can help reduce the spread of the coronavirus by people who have COVID-19 but don't realize it." link

how fast will you mail my order?

For orders of merchandise we have in stock, we drop packages at the local Post Office within 24 hours, sometimes within the hour, including Saturdays.  For most small to medium orders, we ship via USPS First Class Mail, which takes anywhere from 1-3 days to arrive at their destination.

If you live in the Kansas City area, you can come pick up your order-and if we've got time, we can also drop your order off.

Who makes the masks?

Hi, I'm Paul. I created the website and operate the online store, and fulfill orders. The real powerhouse behind the operation is my husband Gyo, and he's the one who does the sewing labor and deals with my neurotic big idiot energy, has perfected the process, and joins me on missions to Jo Ann Fabrics, and is the reason this company exists. He is an immigrant from Mexico, and this is what he's doing to help support our family and community. His cousin helps, too!

I want a mask, but I can't afford it–can I have one?

Yes, you can. This pandemic has affected many groups of people that don't have access to American luxuries like healthcare or safe living situations. If you find yourself in need of protection, but you can't access it, please reach out to us at We might not be able to guarantee a specific pattern, or you might get a (sanitized and effective) prototype, but we don't want anyone to go without necessary protection. 

I want to special order a lot of masks, can I get a discount?

Yes, we can offer modest discounts for orders of over 40 masks, depending on material costs and time. Please email us at

I want a pattern that says out of stock–will you be making more?

It depends– Some fabrics we can't get ever again if our fabric store doesn't sell it anymore. There are some fabrics, though, that we buy in large enough quantities to make more masks as orders come in. If you want a design we don't have in stock anymore, check the description to see if we're planning on restocking it any time soon. 

Feel free to send us fabric you find–we can make masks from most tightly woven 100% cotton material, though there are exceptions.

what is this donation thingie you're talking about?

MG Salazar, a 2020 candidate for US Congress, is helping facilitate donations of face masks and protective coverings to the Navajo Nation, an underrepresented community that needs medical and COVID-19 prevention supplies. link For every mask you donate through Fierce Unicorns, we'll donate a second mask, resulting in two donations. We'll also be donating masks on our own, and seeking people in the Kansas City community who need them. Once we've made our first delivery, we'll start a tally of donations to keep ourselves accountable. We appreciate all the interest and generosity you have shown so far. 🙂

what's the address?

We love hearing from y'all! Send us anything (legal) to:
Paul Oldham
6207 Larson Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64133

who is the odd fox?

Odd Fox, Inc. is my graphic/web design company. I'm revamping my website, and it would take a lot shorter if I wasn't working on so much client work... which is a good thing, right?