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The Soft Boys – Mike Hunt


These masks are now available.

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All masks in this preorder are backed in 100% Cotton in Dark Green.

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Choose the Style of Mask. After you choose the style, the sizing options will become available. Pleated Mask: Made from a rectangle of fabric and pleated. Fitted Mask: More contoured to the face, made from two pieces of fabric.

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Please check the product gallery carefully to ensure you’ve selected the correct mask(s) you want to preorder. The images provided are mockups. For this design there is ONE (1) Fitted Mask design and ONE (1) Pleated Mask design; both include the entire artwork.

All masks in this preorder will be backed in 100% Cotton in Dark/Forest Green.

Fierce Unicorns is teaming up with artists to bring you exclusive mask designs you can’t find anywhere else. Be on the lookout for Artist Showcase Preorders from Fierce Unicorns, because we’ll be printing these designs onto fabric and because it’s expensive, we’ll need your help to get these made. Check below for the FAQ about Artist Showcase Preorders

Introducing the artist: Mike Hunt from Kansas City, MO

The Soft Boys

What makes someone a real man, anyway? The Soft Boys explores the softer side of confidence and masculinity. Lumberjacks have long been an icon of manliness and toughness, but the denim and plaid combination doesn’t have to fit a certain mold, and there’s always room in any identity to sniff some flowers and enjoy nature.

About Mike Hunt

Mike Hunt (hilarious I know) is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Kc, Mo. He especially loves doing art related to the LGBT+ community, body positive movement, and camp.

For the past year, Mike has also been selling pins, stickers, zines, and art prints through his Etsy shop ( Many projects focusing on LGBT+ artists, body positivity, and camp.

He currently is running a Kickstarter to publish his newest zine ‘Queer Chat’ which spotlights 15 queer artists, and provides readers with the best ways to follow and support the featured artists. (

You can also support him on Redbubble ( and Patreon (

“I was super excited about working with Fierce Unicorns to bring an inclusive (and cute af) design to their brand. Brainstorming together, we landed on these lumberjack men that both challenge stereotypes of masculinity/body image, as well as bring a very deliberate focus on racial representation. As a fat queer artist, inclusivity is a cornerstone of what I do; I’m so thankful to be able to do that through this project!”


Weren’t these in preorder?

Yes, but we made extra, and they’re available now!

Can I hire the featured Artist for commissions?

Yes! Please do!

Can I submit my art for the Artist Showcase?

Maybe! We’d like to see your work. If you’ve got an idea, shoot us an email at with links to examples of your work and if we’ve got some open slots, we’ll set up a video call. We are extremely limited on the number of artists we can hire per month, but let’s start a conversation!

Can I hire Fierce Unicorns to make custom masks for my business?

Sure, email us at with as much information as you can provide. Even if we are not able to make our masks in your design at your budget, we may be able to connect you to resources to get what you need.